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Most Profitable Businesses of 2017

The Fortune 500 gives an audit report regarding the economic status of various companies every year. The report for the year 2017 was released on June 7th, 2017. The ranking was based on revenues and net profitability. According to the report, 61 companies (that...

How Entrepreneurship Changed in the 21st Century

Many individuals have the dream of one day working for themselves and some of them become entrepreneurs. We hear the word “entrepreneur” thrown around pretty frequently these days, but what does it actually mean? Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching...

How to Stand Out from the Crowd with Your Business Card

While many businesses now do their advertising and marketing online, a business card is one of the only methods of offline marketing that is still popular. You never know when you may meet someone that you would like to connect with at a later date (and you can’t...


Welcome to the first post on Jeff Ber’s site dedicated to entrepreneurship!