Maintaining a positive mindset and optimistic outlook are key to an entrepreneur’s success, claims executive, Charles Schwab. Drawing on his own experiences, entrepreneur, Jeff Ber agrees.Jeff Ber Success In Entrepreneurship

In the business world, Charles Schwab is renowned for his pioneerism and success.  In his recent interview with Fox Business, Schwab shared a token of advice for the next wave of entrepreneurs.  The acclaimed businessman explained that the most important skill for an entrepreneur to have is the ability to hone a positive perspective.

It’s no secret that innovation thrives in the start-up sphere.  But where there’s unconventionality, there’s bound to be uncertainty.  That’s why in the face of transformative business development, positivity is the key to success.  With positivity comes confidence; and with confidence comes power and command. This perspective certainly isn’t unique to Charles Schwab — but neither is the pairing of positivity and pioneerism.  Not only does Schwab claim that this mindset is inherent for an entrepreneur’s success; Schwab also credits optimism as the key to his own success.

Planning is everything in the world of business.  Without a plan, it’s nearly impossible to realistically anticipate the future for your ventures.  But as the story goes, not everything follows suit in the way you may have expected. In these situations, a negative attitude and outlook can derail your process — depleting your productivity and halting the possibility for fruition.  A positive perspective, however, acts as a beacon of hope, lighting the way along the journey.

Jeff Ber is a pioneer in his own industry of philanthropy. As Vice President of Operations at Oneball, a charity with an unconventional approach, Ber contributes to a unique take on cancer awareness and advocacy.  Intertwining humor and camaraderie with cancer awareness was certainly a risk. Coincidentally, the fresh take is also what makes Oneball unique and effective in impact. Staying true to their ideas and keeping in line with a positive perspective truly paid off for Oneball’s team of entrepreneurs and executives.

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