The COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis has impacted nearly all industries. In a time of social distancing, professionals — including entrepreneurs — are adjusting to a new normal of working from home. Entrepreneur, Jeff Ber discusses how to make the transition effective and productive.

As an entrepreneur, networking is often key.  But due to COVID-19, working from home is becoming increasingly prevalent.  By now, it’s the new normal. For entrepreneurs who are used to getting out there and thriving off of networking, this “new normal” feels awfully bizarre!  So how can entrepreneurs adjust to working from home? Here are some tips from Jeff Ber:

Jeff Ber Entrepreneur Working From HomeSet Up a Workstation

Drafting up business plans and strategies in your living room or kitchen may feel a bit bizarre.  But for entrepreneurs working from home, this is often the only option. Keeping your personal and professional lives separate is made all the more difficult while working from home.  But even if you lack a home office, you still need to devise some sort of separation. This will help you to remain focused and on task. Set up a workstation in an area you don’t normally associate with personal or family activities.  Examples might include the basement or garage. For a certain amount of time each day, make sure you and the members of your household are aware that this area is temporarily designated for work-only. Having a specific area to work in will keep you from getting distracted during your new work day.

Stay Connected Online

You may not be able to attend in-person seminars or host the typical meeting.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t still network during the COVID-19 crisis! Websites like AngelList and LinkedIn provide professionals with online networks to engage in.  For now, replace the typical in-office meeting with Zoom conferences or other video-based virtual meetings. While emails and online posts are great ways to stay in touch, the occasional face-to-face virtual meeting will help entrepreneurs satisfy a need for networking “in-person.”

This blog post is the first installment in Jeff Ber’s blog series on entrepreneurship during COVID-19.  Stay tuned for more advice on how to persevere and thrive as an entrepreneur through the coronavirus crisis!