The 2020s are finally here! How will you make your startup goals work for you in the new year? Entrepreneur, Jeff Ber discusses the business goals he recommends for 2020.

Jeff Ber 2020 Entrepreneurship Goals

As an innovative entrepreneur, your new year’s resolutions most likely differ from those of your friends and family.  Some people might strive to lose weight or read more books. But your tunnel vision for success is centered on launching your next big startup!  While working towards your new year’s resolution for a successful 2020, consider these entrepreneurship goals from Jeff Ber:

Learn From The Past

Evaluate your 2019 accomplishments — and your losses.  In what areas did you succeed? Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses by taking a closer look at your work from the past year.  Even if you think your approach was perfect last year, your 20/20 hindsight can make all the difference! Comb through the results of last year’s ideas.  Quickly, you might discover some ideas that you accidentally abandoned last year. Perhaps 2019 just wasn’t the right time. But 2020 might be the ticket!  

Set Deadlines

Developing an idea is one thing.  Launching that idea is another. The deadlines that make up your startup schedule are what take both of those things into reality.  In 2020, fill your calendar with deadlines to keep you on task with your startup, business and entrepreneurship goals. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and also help you to see the fruit of your labor in real time!

Build Your Network

Establish your presence as a professional/entrepreneur in your industry this year by expanding your reach.  As you may already know, knowing the right people can go a long way with any business venture. But what you may not know is that entrepreneurs aren’t just born with these connections — nor are these relationships formed overnight.  Instead, professionals must put the pedal to the medal to build their network by getting out there and meeting new people. Go the extra mile in 2020 to meet more people within the industry of your startup. This could mean stepping out of your comfort zone to attend conferences and events you’ve never heard of.

Chances are, if you take these three entrepreneurship goals into account, you’ll be looking back on an incredibly successful 2020 at the end of the year!