Attracting and keeping talented employees has proved to be a nightmare for many organizations in the industry. Some of the gifted workers have a feeling of self-entitlement and will move out of the company at the slightest provocation because they are sure they will secure another lucrative employment opportunity in another company. Here are some simple strategies that companies can use to retain their talented workers.

  1. Treat Employees like Assets

In most exit interviews, employees record that the company treats them as subjects rather than treating them like company assets. Employers have a perception that they are providing favours to their employees. This is not true as both are in a symbiosis relationship. Organizations should realize that employees exist in the company and treat them with dignity. The CEO of the company should take time and occasionally visit employees at their workstations and appreciate their role in the company.

  1. Provide Opportunities for Growth

It is evident that talented workers are ambitious and they would like to take some challenging roles in senior positions at some stages in their career. Companies should provide a growth path whereby employees are promoted concerning their performance and service to the company. This strategy will play a significant role in retaining a large number of employees who will feel that they can achieve their goals in the company.

  1. Implement an Attractive Rewarding System

Salaries and other accompanying benefits are some of the leading causes of employee turnover. The company should come up with a functional and attractive reward system that does not only pay on the market rate but also offers additional benefits such as holidays in exotic areas and employees tours. The company can even come up with a policy of rewarding the ‘employee of the year,’ which will prove to be an attractive reward system.

  1. Provide a Conducive Working Environment

Every person wants to work in a secure environment where they are not prone to injuries. Companies can also consider making the workplace clean and spacious enough for the free supply of air and natural light. The firm can even get rid of abusive employees, especially those who have been reported to molest and mistreat young employees while at the same time asking for sexual favours from their juniors or female counterparts.