While many businesses now do their advertising and marketing online, a business card is one of the only methods of offline marketing that is still popular. You never know when you may meet someone that you would like to connect with at a later date (and you can’t always rely on having a fully-charged phone to enter their contact information). Having a business card, and one that stands out from the crowd could help you land a fruitful business connection.

Change the Shape

Every typical business card looks like every other business card you’ve received – white and rectangular. If you made your business card the same way, it could easily be forgotten about. Instead, change the shape of your business card. It will immediately stand out from the rest, even if the design itself is simple.

Add Your Socials

Since business cards are one of the best offline marketing tools and are extremely versatile, they have been adapted and updated regularly over the years. In today’s business world, it is essential to include your business’s social media profiles on your business card. This will allow potential consumers and business connections to visit your brand online to become more familiar with it.

Keep it Simple

It is easy to include all of your contact information on your business card when you are designing it, even the contact details you rarely use. While it offers the customer a variety of methods to contact you, it can also be overwhelming and clutter up your card. Instead, keep it simple and only include one or two of your most-used contact methods for consumers and business connections to get in touch with you.

Customize It

Rather than creating a typical business card with name and contact info or following a template, you could instead use small print runs of customized cards to create a call to action, rather than a description of your business. This will allow you to advertise various products, services, campaigns, or other events your business may hold. This is a fantastic way to inspire customer interest and engagement.

Stray from the Recommended

Instead of creating a business card with a plain design, don’t be afraid to come up with a completely different design, shape, or information to you include on your card. Following the “recommended” rules of designing a business card will likely result in your card getting lost in the crowd, rather than standing apart from it.