More and more college graduates are pursuing careers in the world of entrepreneurship.  Seasoned entrepreneur, Jeff Ber is excited to encourage this trend. With the competition heating up, Ber recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs go the extra mile to stand out from the rest.  

Graduate programs are adapting to the recent resurgence of entrepreneurship as a viable career path. Here are two of the top graduate schools that are keeping entrepreneurs in mind, as recommended by Jeff Ber:

Jeff Ber

Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois)

Prestige is already ingrained in the Northwestern name.  Now, the University’s entrepreneurship-focused graduate programs are earning similar acclaim.  Currently, NU offers 64 courses centered around entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship program offers three tracks:

  • New Venture Creation
  • Growth and Scaling
  • Corporate Innovation

Each track offers a robust balance of co-curricular programming and traditional NU resources.  Programs are uniquely customizable in an effort to add specific focus for each student. Students who show promise in the New Venture track are eligible for participation in the Zell Fellows Program which provides seven months of mentoring, leadership coaching and idea funding opportunities.  As an added bonus, 81% of Northwestern faculty are backed by entrepreneurial experience. So grad students can rest assured that they will learn from tried and true entrepreneurs!

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Jeff BerIn the last five years alone, graduates of the University of Michigan have participated in the launching of 405 startups.  This tidbit is unsurprising after reviewing the University’s entrepreneurial roots, which date back to 1927. Nearly a century ago, UM made its mark on the business world by launching the first family business course in American collegiate history.  Decades — and even generations — later, the University of Michigan continues to inspire budding entrepreneurs at the start of their journeys. Over the years, the University’s entrepreneurship-focused programs have expanded to include courses on initiating a business venture, holistic thinking, team development, venture capital and much more!

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Jeff Ber’s ongoing blog series on business management and entrepreneurship!