Jeff Ber


About Jeff Ber

Jeff Ber is a driven professional with extensive business experience.

Jeff has well over a decade of experience specializing in business management. After earning his Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management from Concordia University, he joined Edward Jones as an Analyst. He continued to expand his expertise by taking on roles with increasingly executive responsibilities. 

Jeff Ber has been repeatedly recognized for his acumen in analysis and business management services, as well as his approach to creating personal relationships with individuals and business clients to help them reach their goals.

In 2015, Jeff Ber earned the “Young Gun of the Year” accolade from a leading independent publication, recognizing him for his outstanding analysis services and his ability to push the envelope with innovation and growth. The following year, Jeff earned the honor once more as one of the most influential professionals shaping the future of the industry.

Currently, Jeff Ber is taking an entrepreneurial leap to create a new business venture of his own. He is no stranger to professional leadership, having worked his way up in the business world and learned all of the ins and outs of creating sustainable books of business. As he pursues this new chapter of his professional life, he will keep this blog regularly updated with news and inspiration in the fast-paced entrepreneurial world.

His current focus on “being his own boss,” there is a third component of Jeff Ber’s life that has driven much of his activity: his focus on volunteer work. Previously, he served as a Campaign Volunteer for United Jewish Appeal, reaching out to members in the community to raise funds for the less fortunate. Presently, he is the Vice President of Operations at Oneball, a charitable organization dedicated to fostering and supporting a community for men who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer. A cancer survivor himself, Jeff is passionate about supporting others who have to deal with the disease.

Jeffrey Ber enjoys keeping an active lifestyle. He played sports in college and nowadays focuses on running and cycling in particular.