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Kivo Daily: From Calgary, Alberta, Jeff Ber Looks at Current COVID-19 Climate

A survivor of testicular cancer and devoted men’s health advocate, Jeff Ber is the epitome of strength and courage. Not only did his battle with cancer provide him with a renewed sense of adventure, but also a sense of purpose. As a terminal diagnosis survivor, he feels it is his responsibility to help educate others on testicular cancer and end the stigma surrounding men’s health.

Jeff Ber Announces the Launch of New Website

Business management professional and entrepreneur Jeff Ber has announced the launch of his new website,, which spotlights his mission to end the stigma surrounding testicular cancer while delivering valuable resources to fellow entrepreneurs.

Yahoo!Finance: Jeff Ber Announces the Launch of New Website

Business management professional and entrepreneur Jeff Ber has announced the launch of his new website,, which spotlights his mission to end the stigma surrounding testicular cancer while delivering valuable resources to fellow entrepreneurs.

Jeff Ber’s Tips for Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur offers aspiring business owners’ financial freedom, personal satisfaction and the opportunity to become their own boss. As with most worthwhile things, however, there’s no one-size-fits-all path to achieving success.

How Cancer Impacts an Individual and their Family

A cancer diagnosis is an earth-shattering event, not just for patients, but for family members as well. Following the news, those with the disease as well as their loved ones them will likely face complex emotions, lifestyle changes and other drastic shifts.

Baystreet: Home Business Article

Aside from operating his own consultancy business where he helps fellow entrepreneurs grow successful businesses, Ber also serves as the Vice President of Operations at Oneball-a non-profit dedicated to providing relief to those struggling with testicular cancer. As a cancer survivor himself, Ber is passionate about ending the stigmas that surround men’s health and telling his own story in order to save lives and catalyze real change.

News Break: Home Business Article

Intended as a resource for both experienced and novice entrepreneurs, the article delivers a straightforward roadmap to success sprinkled with poignant advice from Ber’s own experience in business management.

Jeff Ber Featured in Recent Home Business Article

Ber’s own experience in the business world boasts more than a decade of success as both a management professional and entrepreneur. After gaining acclaim in his field for his innovative approach and growth mindset, he took the plunge to launch his own consultancy venture, which seeks to help fellow entrepreneurs implement successful long-term business strategies.

AP News: Jeff Ber Featured in Recent Home Business Article

Jeff Ber is a driven, passionate business professional with more than ten years of experience in business management and entrepreneurship. A Calgary native, Ber holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. 

Jeff Ber Announces the Launch of His New Blog

As a driven professional with over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and business management specialist, Jeff Ber knows what it takes to be an impactful leader. In multiple articles, including 5 Things Successful Leaders and Managers Do Without Thinking and The Importance of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in Leadership, Jeff Ber leans on his expertise and personal experiences to provide valuable information to readers. No matter the industry you work in, Jeff Ber’s content can be a resource for you.

Jeff Ber Featured in Recent Home Business Article

Recently, business professional Jeff Ber was spotlighted in a feature piece published by Home Business regarding his expertise in planning, launching, and running a business. The article outlines, from Ber’s own experience, how budding entrepreneurs can build a successful company from the ground up.

How to Grow Your Business from the Ground Up

If you have ever dreamed of building your own business from the ground up but are unsure of how to get started, you are not alone. You have the passion, the idea, and the ambition, but no plan, strategy, or blueprint. While your business may be unique, there is a specific formula and checklist for how to build a successful business.

Jeff Ber Announces the Launch of His Professional Website

Jeff Ber is pleased to announce the launch of his new professional website, As an advocate for men’s health, a survivor of testicular cancer, and as the VP of Operations at OneBall, a charitable cancer organization, Jeff Ber has learned a lot over the duration of his career. From interviews to articles and blogs, Jeff Ber’s new website provides insight into what resilience looks like.

Jeff Ber On The Importance Of Community Volunteering/Awareness For A Cause

A community is not a place, building, organization, or an exchange of information over the internet, it is a feeling and a set of relationships among people. However, research suggests that individuals across North America crave more meaningful community and social interactions, but have difficulty finding ways to do that.

Cancer survivor Jeff Ber on the importance of research studies for patients

In 2020, roughly 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Of those, it is estimated that roughly one-third of all diagnosed cancer patients will die as a result. As a testicular cancer survivor, Jeff Ber is a major advocate and voice for cancer research studies.

IdeaMensch Interview

More than being an entrepreneur and business management professional, Jeff Ber is also a passionate cancer awareness advocate. As the Vice President of Operations at One Ball, an organization that provides meaningful assistance through the testicular cancer journey and helps destroy the stigma around talking about men’s health, Jeff Ber is the backbone of OneBall.

Overcoming Trials and Tribulations to Reach Success and Good Life Balance

I love being able to help people. From my role as Vice President of OneBall to my new role as an entrepreneur, I want to be able to help others. I have been an avid volunteer my entire life and have found a real purpose in being able to help others achieve their goals. 

Jeff Ber Featured in Exclusive Ideamensch Interview

Jeff Ber, an entrepreneur and business consultant, was recently spotlighted in an exclusive Ideamensch web feature regarding his career path and experience in the industry. As an entrepreneur himself, Ber specializes in helping start-ups and small businesses craft cutting-edge strategies that facilitate sustainable growth.

Jeff Ber Featured in Exclusive Interview with Thrive Global

Entrepreneur Jeff Ber was recently interviewed by web publication Thrive Global regarding his battle with cancer and how it transformed his worldview, empowering him to launch his own consulting company. The interview, which covers both personal and professional aspects of Ber’s background, also includes practical advice for those looking to become entrepreneurs.

Adjusting Your Business to Stay Relevant to Consumers

Jeff Ber is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience specializing in business management. With several accolades for his work, Ber is an expert in leading businesses to financial success through relationship building and innovative thinking. For Ber, the most important part of running a successful business is staying relevant to consumers.

Jeff Ber On the Benefits of Volunteerism

Volunteering is not often on many people’s radar. With work, family commitments, and social engagements, making time to volunteer can feel impossible. But the truth is that volunteering has some proven positive effects on the lives of those who participate, even though they experience no financial gain for their efforts.

Jeff Ber Young Guns

Jeff Ber identifies client service as the most important consideration any successful analyst can have. That might seem obvious, but saying it and actually putting it into action are two completely different things.

Interview with Jeff Ber, Cancer Survivor

Jeff Ber is a former senior analyst turned competitive athlete who is dedicated to inspire those who struggle with cancer. Being a cancer survivor himself, Ber tells his story to convince others that even with extremely low odds, the disease can be beaten.

Jeff Ber, Terminal Cancer Survivor, Draws on Odds-Defying Recovery Story to Inspire Others

Jeff Ber, Draws on Odds-Defying Recovery Story to Inspire Others