Jeff Ber Business Consulting & Startups

Jeff Ber is an entrepreneur specializing in business management. On a path to becoming his own boss, Jeff Ber is setting the groundwork for his business consulting and charitable start-ups.

Jeff Ber Business Management

Education & Background

Jeff Ber has always maintained the mentality and perseverance of an entrepreneur.  He developed his background in the entrepreneurial process by pursuing a degree in Business Management at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University.  The experience introduced him to critical leadership skills, including conflict resolution, planning and budgeting, and cross-cultural understanding.

After completing his Business Management degree in 2006, Jeff Ber solidified his expertise by maintaining numerous leadership roles.  Renowned for his work as a leader, his career highlights have been recognized by awards from major institutions and publications. Ber has been recognized twice for his influence as an entrepreneur by the Young Gun of the Year Professional Award.

Over the years, the focus of his business management pursuits have crossed into the nonprofit and philanthropic spheres. Jeff Ber currently stands as Vice President of Operations at Oneball.

Entrepreneurship & Business Consulting

After years of management and leadership roles, Jeff Ber has decided to take the reins. Backed by his Business Management degree and years of experience, Ber is gearing up to establish his own start-up. Currently, the entrepreneur’s ideas are in the groundwork phase. Inspired by his work with cancer awareness charity Oneball, Ber is considering the possibility of launching his own nonprofit organization.  In the meantime, he is interested in providing fellow entrepreneurs and professionals with guidance through his business consulting services.  

Independently and on a freelance basis, Jeff Ber is available to provide entrepreneurs with advice regarding:

  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Idea and Concept Development
  • Market & Competitor Analysis

As a freelance business management consultant, Ber hopes to equip entrepreneurs with the know-how necessary to launch successful start-ups and small businesses.  As always, he looks forward to evolving alongside the ever developing entrepreneurial world.