If you are going to become an entrepreneur, you will have to change your mindset. This may involve changing the way you approach your startup as well as how you view your journey to creating a sustainable business.

When starting your business, you should have the same qualities all entrepreneurs have, such as passion, motivation, creativity, optimism and courage. Most entrepreneurs are obsessed with bringing an idea to life that will solve a problem or need. You can equate this obsession with passion. And with passion comes optimism that their product or service will be successful. They also are motivated to change the world through their creation or to become their own boss. When it comes to their startup, thinking outside of the box results in a high level of creativity. Taking risks is also par for the course. Entrepreneurs don’t let fear get in the way of taking a risk, though. They see it as a learning experience, even if they fail. Also, they want to be challenged, whether from a failure or learning a new skill.

However, other mental shifts are needed to achieve success.

  • Grow your skill set. Many entrepreneurs never stop learning. They are focused only on their skill set and improving it. For the skills not in their wheelhouse (e.g. marketing), they hire people to fulfill them.
  • Don’t be a Superman (or Superwoman). We want to please everyone, but sometimes we need to say no. Turning down an opportunity isn’t a sign of weakness. It means that you know that it is not in alignment with your goals. You also need to say no to carve out time for yourself to prevent missing time with your loved ones and becoming burned out.
  • Define your success. Notice the “your” here. Success can mean many things to many people. You need to create your own definition of success, whether it’s becoming the boss, having more freedom to choose which projects you take on or spending more time with your family. Once you create the definition, you must make it your mantra.
  • Learn from failure. Entrepreneurs see failure as a learning experience and not the end of their journey. Many entrepreneurs will tell you how many times they have failed — and learned something from it. This also makes entrepreneurs more determined to succeed.
  • Create valued relationships. We create relationships every day. However, it’s essential to develop valuable ones that will provide networking opportunities and guidance. These relationships can also be inspirational to help you continue on your journey.