We know that the people we work with are significant because we spend nearly half of our waking hours with them. That makes choosing the right business partner that much more difficult. If it were as simple as hiring someone who possesses specific skills, interviews and hiring processes would be remarkably shorter. For a partnership to succeed, almost everything depends on how compatible the two partners are. Rather than sealing your fate with the wrong business partner, follow these tips to find the right partner for you and your business.

Trust your instincts and document everything. This is the first on the list because of its importance. It can be easy to disregard small things when just getting to know someone, but anything that seems off should be written down for later examination. Documentation can also be an excellent way to remember verbal contracts, agreements or promises that were made about the business and positions.

Share off hours and travel. Spending time outside of the office and business mindset allows each person to get an idea of who the other person is and discern compatibility. During those off hours, take a trip together. Travelling creates a lot of time for organic conversations and bond building. It is also a quick way to determine if you like each other.

Financial Strength. Without capital, there is no business. If you can’t trust your partner’s financial management, it probably won’t be too easy trusting them to achieve business goals. Even if you have strong fiscal strength, you need a partner who is capable of financial management. Need help deciding? Credit reports are an excellent resource.

Good Decision Maker. What makes someone a good decision maker? Being able to consider multiple situations and dictate expectations, analysis’, and possible outcomes, and then establish a plan of action. This skill will come in handy more than once.

Good Communication Skills. Communication is key: in business, in relationship-building and maintaining, and nearly all aspects of life. A good partner should possess strong verbal and writing communication skills. Meaning, a potential partner would be able to think on their feet, engage and entertain, and be good at selling themselves, while also being capable of writing professional emails, proposals, and client communications.

Good Networking Skills. It should go without saying, but anyone looking to partner in a business needs to have strong networking skills. When one partner is more adept at networking and bringing in clients and contacts, they may find themselves feeling better off without a business partner.